Logo & Motto: Constanter, Fideliter, Diligenter (Firmly, Faithfully, Diligently)

Africa Christian University Logo

For many years God has been working in the hearts of several of His servants to establish a Christian university. In 2012, under God’s leading they joined together to establish a Christian university in Liberia, West Africa that would be faithful to the entire Word of God. The school, which will be named Africa Christian University, is currently in the planning stages and is tentatively scheduled to launch in the fall of 2015. Historically, Liberia is the first democratic independent country in Africa since 1847. The proposed Africa Christian University will offer bachelors, masters, and doctoral-level degrees. This university will be the first, by the grace of God, to offer doctoral-level degrees since the founding of Africa’s oldest Republic.  Dr. R. Zarwulugbo Liberty, president of Africa International Christian Mission, is calling on Christian educators and Christians everywhere to join him to pray that God will establish this Christian university in Liberia, West Africa.


Mission: Fulfilling the Great Commission by equipping students in understanding their identity through education for effective service to God and humanity.

Motto: Constanter, Fideliter, Diligenter (Firmly, Faithfully, Diligently).

Vision: To train men and women for gospel ministry and Christian politicians who seek to become more knowledgeable and effective in ministries and service to their nation.

Goal: To prepare spiritual and political leaders and others in various disciplines to serve God and humanity faithfully in the 21st century; to emphasize the application of Scripture to all aspects of cultures, and provide them with excellent academic instruction with enculturation, assimilation, and acculturation; to guide each student’s personal spiritual growth and excellence in various disciplines.

Vision-path: The future leaders (church, political and others) of Liberia, Africa and beyond will be inspired to understand the value of their ethnicities and cultures to celebrate these diversities with unity in Christ – thus avoiding disharmonies among the various ethnic groups and peoples in Liberia and Africa as a whole, and rekindling their love for the mother land.